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Watercolour Australian Shepherds

Bettering the breed

We are a trusted Dog Breeder with a passion for animals. We breed for exceptional quality and ensure we always maintain the highest possible standards. To learn more about us or to inquire about available animals, please contact us.

*SHOW NEWS*    China and Tenor babies go to their first shows.  We would like to give a huge congratulations to “Charlie” and his owner Agnieszka Oleksiewicz Kedziotake, of Poland.  Also a cheers to his handler Martyna Nowak for loving him and presenting him so well.
Our boy (born last year) went to the Wirld European Dog Show (equivalent to NA Westminster) Charlie took Best Jr. in Show
He also qualifies to go to the largest oldest dog show out there, CRUFTS!!  2024
Congratulations on your extraordinary win and best of luck in the future.  
(See Charlie’s pictures from Denmark 🇩🇰 at the bottom of the page) 
***NEW***Maverick AKA Watercolours Maverick littermate to Charlie also had his first show winning 2awards of Excellence and Aldo going Best Junior in breed.  Congratulations to Hana Purmovà, Kascaro of the Czech Republic (Photos included below) 

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Our History

What Drives Us

At Watercolour Australian Shepherds, we have taken something which started as a family passion and turned it into a successful show/breeding program. We breed our Aussies  to have friendly dispositions and fit in seamlessly as incredible family pets.Since 1981, we have been located in showing animals, with regional, international and national wins each year. We campaigned American cocker AM/CDN CH Derby’/s Luck of the Draw TT “Bach” was undefeated in the states, finishing with all 5 pt majors and a class won at the largest spaniel specialty in North American.  He went on to a show career where in one year of being campaigned he was defeated only once. With many wins he went for puppy of the year and win an Invitational “Wild rose classic”   With many years behind us we found love in a new breed, this breed does it all and looks beautiful doing it.  Aussies came to us out of necessity but won us with pure love.   We are very excited about our program that consists of the best dogs we could find throughout the world bringing in dogs from overseas and in North America.   We breed responsibly and have a program where all our adults are tested and shown and in many cases have other titles we show to keep the standard high but compete in other disciplines for the love of this dog sport. We completely guarantee our pups for health and temperament we breed only the best to give homes the best possible companion we can.  With our pups you get lifetime support free lessons, a complete puppy package including shots, microchips, pet insurance and all you need  tfor your puppies trip home.  

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Guiding Philosophy

How We Do Things

At Watercolour Australian Shepherds, we are rigorous in screening and selecting the right home for each animal.  We breed only when we are looking to keep a new show or service dog for ourselves.  We take reservations on each litter as we breed and only four at a time then our clients are not waiting endlessly to get a puppy.   To reserve an puppy of your own, please get in touch.

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Charlie and Maverick’s show results below 

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