Our History

What Drives Us

Here at Watercolours Kennels we specialize in Aussies.  The breed is so engaging and sweet.  The goofy personalities are great as companion or service animals.  We show all our dogs to keep the best possible standards.  We do both conformation and performance and our dogs excel in both.
We have sold puppies for service, show and companions as our dogs are great in any post.  
As the breeders of these lovely dogs, we feel that temperaments are essential even more so then health if you can’t live with your pup then the health tests are of no help.   We are not a large kennel and between a couple people we only have single digits.  I have shown and trained animals for over 40 years.  Showing horses, dogs, cats and rabbits.  Having national and international wins each year we showed.  
We carry to this program a new thrill which for us is the performance part of this dog sport.  We finish our dogs in conformation and then the real fun starts as we show agility, rally, obedience and much more.  
All our dogs are tested vigorously and we stand behind every pup we produce.   We only breed when we are looking for our next pup whether that is for show, performance or service.  We only take four reservations at a time so we can work with every owner to make it the best possible experience for all involved.
As partners we all bring a interesting and vital part of the program together.  I have shown my whole life and dedicated many years to breeding the best possible animals.  I am not in my “twilight” years and for a change I want to specialize in performance and hopefully have some of the top performance dogs in Canada.
Our other partner has always been involved in obedience where she worked closely with a service animal on the field.  Now this is a new challenge to do both conformation and performance.  On her first dog she put three legs on her pup in one weekend.
To see our past all you need to do is go to one of our gallery pages and there you will not only find Aussies but some of our past champions and show animals.
Working together brings a new joy to the sport and I am looking forward to seeing you at the shows.
Watercolour Kennels