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I reached out to Dana back in May after seeing an ad up for Australian Shepard puppies for sale.

Shortly after reaching out, Dana arranged a phone call to discuss the breeding process. She was very generous with her time and spent over an hour and a half with me, answering questions and going over everything with me thoroughly.

After weeks of waiting for the mother to have her litter, I was so grateful and appreciative to be able to choose my first pick from the litter.

Her name is Maya, she is a copper eyed red Merle and she is absolutely incredible. She was bred with an amazing temperament and the most loveable personality.

I would gladly recommend the services to anyone. Dana was easy to speak to, very friendly and knowledgeable. 

We are so impressed with the services that my parents are considering getting a puppy of their own from Picasso soon too!

I am so thankful to have her in my life and cannot thank Dana and the rest of Picasso Canine Services enough.

Watercolours Channel 


Hello Dana,"It’s been three weeks since Armani joined our family. He is a wonderful and friendly dog who is always happy to see all of us. Armani has an amazing temperament. He is calm, smart, and curious. Potty training goes well. Armani almost didn’t have poop incidents at home since very beginning.It’s our first dog and we needed to know a lot about puppies. The breeder was very supportive during the whole process. Dana provided a lot of information and answered all our questions while we were waiting for him. We got the full package with all the documents, chip, food, insurance, collar, toys, which made his movement really easy. The puppy is healthy and happy and we are glad we worked with Picasso/Watercolours Australian Shepherds."



Hi Dana 
Here are a few pics of Nippa. YouShe is a handful for sure and you did she was laid back, so glad we didn’t pick a high energy pup. She is over 20 lbs now and learning manners every day. 
We had our first puppy class on Thursday (5 pups in class and 3 are Australian shepherds; 2 minis)
Anyway we are enjoying Nippa; she makes us laugh; she is quite intelligent and seems happy with her life with us. 
Cheers Karen



Sweet...Koz has the cutest smile It scrunches to the side and he winks at the same time. Our boy is mellow and plays all day with Jax. Full crate trained. Koz is the sweetest boy.

Kosmo Kramer 


Went to the vet today. They loved her had to wait half an hour and she was an angel. She weighed 4.5 kg. 

Had a good night first night. Last night she was a little restless but I am sure that will pass. 

Angel in disguise, going for walks twice a day. Got her playing fetch and sitting  took her for a drive for half an hour no car sickness.  Starting  to go on the leash better. Go every night.. 
She has been visiting  the neighbour's  on our walks.  Still love her!!
The vet was really impressed  with your records you sent us home with.   Thought you were a really responsible  breeder. Anyway  thought you'd like the update. 
Have a good evening.



I love my dog so much. Thank you.  I'm so happy. He's awesome. He has an amazing personality and he is so handsome. I'm thinking of getting another one so he can have a friend to play with.

He listens to everything I say and follows me everywhere. I’m pretty good to keep him clean. He just comes in the shower with me at least twice a month. I don’t like to have him dirty. 

It’s all good now. They play together and Micah is good with him. 

Micah & Loki


Here is r Rio!!! 
I'm not sure if he is saving me or telling me I'm not allowed 2 mop!!!  He is a world class "brat" but we adore 🥰 him & wouldn't change a hair on his head!!!  
He seems 2 like George best but does seem 2 lov his new Mummy too!  I hadn't planned on him w/ us ...but he had different plans & we get showered w/ hugs & kisses 😘 when we all finally get 2 bed!  
We take turns getting up w/ & going out 4 whatever but he certainly is a loving WONDERFUL LITTLE DOG!!!  
We took him 2 beach 🏖 yesterday & he loved it but I worry!!!  Today we went on a walk beside a river & he was in his glory!!!   
Today, he ate some lettuce 🥬 & somehow got hold of piece of broccoli 🥦 but didn't like it so not a problem!   God, he's cute!!! 

We wud not change one hair on r little 🐶doggie!!!  He is perfect and an amazing 😉 little creature!  Luv George, Ann & Rio! 😘🐶🌹❤️🎶


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